Roof Truss Mfg. Evaluation

TCSThis is a list of questions that are either a must-know or very useful in the day to day managment of your wood roof truss operation. We will be posting either the answers or an explanation of why the answers are inportant to you as a wood roof truss manager.

1.A piece of lumber travels______feet between the time it arrives in the yard and when it goes out the gate as part of a finished component.

2. How do you measure the quality of the wood roof truss compnents you build?

3. On average, our roof truss prices are ______% (above/below) the competion?

4. This Winter/Fall, the work we have has kept us working at about_____% of our working labor capacity?

5. We stock _____ sizes of plates and the plate we use the least is the ____plate?

6. The one thing I would change about our plant layout is______________?

7. In the past 24 months I have visited_____other wood roof truss component manufactures?

8. The reason most of my customers would say they buy from me is__________________?

9. If our order backlog doubled next month, we (would/would not) be able to handle the work?

10. Plates represent about_____% of the selling price of the wood roof trusses I make?

11. The most knowledeable person I know in the wood roof truss industry_______________?

12. Our average job site is _____ miles from the plant?

13. We have to deliver additional materials (to replace broken or missing pieces) on _____% of our jobs.

14. The one piece of equipment that I think would help us the most is_______________ because______________?

15. Who attives first in the morning more often than anyone else?

16. We have quoted________________ (name whoever is #1 in this category) _________ times and never received one order?

17. The most satisfying thing I have accomplished at this company is________________?

18. How do you reward yourself and what do you reward yourself for?

19. It takes about______ minutes to set up a 40′ common wood roof truss on my main table?

20. For a business, what are the three most important ‘keys to success’?

21. If we stocked half as many skews of lumber it would cost me $_______ (more/less) per onth to operate?

22. Over the Winter we are going to tackle that________________ problem.

23. What is the of; (daily wood roof truss sales dollars divided by the number of man hours paid for the production) or (dalily wood roof board footage production divided by the number of man hours paid for the production)? Use hours paid to anyone who is not full time in the office or a full time truck driver.

24. How many board feet of lumber did you purchase last month?

25. How many board feet of wood roof truss did you sell last month? These are “make me think questions” if they raise more questions than answers, feel free to contact us by email or telephone and someone will help with more questions or maybe an answer or two!

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