Meeting your company’s truss designer needs!

  • Is your company too small to need one of today’s high dollar wood truss design professionals? Or you just don’t want to pay for the high cost of wood roof truss software, truss plate prices are less without software. We use our own roof truss software, Component Designer.  
  • Are you just between the size of having one wood truss designer but not needing two fulltime wood roof truss designers?
  • Are you new to the wood roof truss business and need a lot of guidance?
  • We are the small truss plant’s best wood roof truss design resource in the market today. roof truss

We are the small truss plant’s best truss design resource in the market today.

By being a wood roof truss plate customer of Truss Component Services you will have access to our group of wood roof truss design professionals. These designers can help with all of the truss design challenges of the modern day truss plant. This team’s extensive experience allows us to give our customers working knowledge that it would take many years to obtain on their own. We support our customers with the best in truss design services. roof truss. 

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