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March 08, 2017


TO:      Truss Component Services Engineering and Software Customers


FROM:    Don Dickey   Truss Component Services, sales


SUBJECT: NEW TCS Business Associate



Most of you are aware that on March 12, 2015, ALPINE, a division of ITW Building Components Group announced the appointment of Truss Component Services who was named as full-service authorized distributor to serve component manufacturers nationally on behalf of ALPINE. This innovative agreement typifies the progressive thinking of Truss Component Services and the service we offer to truss fabricators throughout the United States. Growth within our company has brought the need to add to our staff in order to be of more service to our customers in order to expand your company’s growth through innovative programs and superior customer service.


We are happy to introduce to you Richard Ackley, who is our newest business associate, Rich will be working with you in our sales, management and engineering support areas. Rich comes to TCS after many years in the truss manufacturing, engineering and sales field working for truss operations throughout the U.S. Rich’s functions with our company will be sales, management, and technical support: Give Rich a call at         (903) 819-6387, get acquainted and let him go to work for you.


2017 is getting off to a good start, Spring is almost officially here and additional business cannot be that far away. We at Truss Component Services appreciate your business and continued support. We are here to serve you, as our valued customer.



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