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On December 3, 2014 Truss Component Services became the Authorized Distributior for Alpine we can do all Alpine poducts and software Intellview, Icommand, Intellibuild, Trusplus. Anything that you might need from your truss plate supplier.


Truss Plates, Pallet Plates, Truss production Equipment

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December 3, 2014

Dear Alpine / Truswal Customers,

These are exciting times and we should all be proud of our ability to grow our respective businesses and met the challenge to improve in the vital areas of service and support. With that challenge there is opportunity. As Alpine / Truswal / ITWBCG continues to adapt to the ever changing market place and strives to maintain the best servive and dependability in the industry with very competitive pricing, we have engaged Truss Component Services to work as a full service “authorized” distributor to service truss component manufactures like yourself across the country.

Truss Component Services has a 37+ year record and experience in product distribution and service to the wood truss industry, they will help your company maximize its growth and buying power through a comprehensive range of products and services, including Alpine wave connector plates, software, engineering, builders hardware and plan take-off and layout services.

The only change you will see from what you currently have with Alpine is your invoices might have a different face, and they will come from a different location, your orders will be placed to a different telephone number and your checks will be mailed to a different P. O. Box. There will be no change in your pricing, terms and products.

2017 looks like an exciting new year! Interest rates should remain low and demand for engineered roof and floor systems will be very good. Truss Component Service will be here to help you take advantage of these opportunities and will look forward to working with you in the years to come.

While other company’s say they service their customers, at Truss Component Services we live by this standard, it is even in our name. Wood truss, floor truss, portable buildings, pallet repair, pallet plates, wave truss plates, roof truss, storage buildings, wood truss plant, truss press, repair truss press, Truswal, Trusplus, Alpine, ITWBCG.

The wood truss industry has seen very rapid consolidation in the last 10 years of the truss plate manufacturer, pallet plates. To some this sounds positive, but to many it has been the demise of service to the wood truss fabricator, especially the smaller company. We are building our company on service to the wood truss industry. We supply our customers with metal truss plates, truss connector plates, pallet plates, wood truss Egnineering software and wood truss Modeling software. Trusplus, Truswal, Alpine, ITWBCG

We are in business for small business.

You do not have to worry about us losing touch with you

as a small to medium size roof truss fabricator, you are who we serve.

Component Designer, TrusPlus Truswal/Alpine Icommand software for the wood roof truss industry Wood truss, roof truss, floor truss, portable buildings, pallet repair plates, pallet plates, wave truss plates, roof truss, storage buildings, wood truss plant, truss press, wood roof truss. Alpine

At Truss Component Services, experience, reliability, andproductive results are what we offer to the wood roof truss industry.
  • Experience – A solid knowledge of the wood truss, wood roof truss industry centered on quality connector plates (truss plates), machinery, both new and used, engineering design, plant layout, engineering software TrusPlus Truswal Alpine Component Designer, and material flow. Truss plates and Pallet plates.
  • Truss Plates, Pallet Plates, Connector Plates Reliability – Our business model is built around service and business solutions. With Truss Component Services you can count on effective and timely business solutions.Truswal Trusplus Alpine
  • Productive Results – We are respected for service of ongoing and innovative solutions to our customers roof truss business challenges.



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